Mercosa Investments​

Welcome to Mercosa Investment, a leading global investment firm with a diverse portfolio spanning multiple industries and international markets. With a strategic focus on Dubai, Lisbon and Canada we aim to create long-term value.

Our investment portfolio represents a carefully curated collection of assets across various sectors, including real estate, technology and healthcare. By carefully assessing market conditions and employing a rigorous due diligence process, we select investments that align with our vision for growth, profitability, and sustainability.


As a global hub of innovation and business, Dubai offers unparalleled opportunities for investment. We have strategically invested in key sectors driving the Emirate’s growth, such as real estate, hospitality, and technology, to harness the city’s dynamic potential.

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Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, has emerged as a vibrant and attractive investment destination. Our investments in Lisbon encompass real estate projects and tourism contributing to the city’s economic development and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.


With its stable economy and robust infrastructure, Canada offers a favorable investment climate. Mercosa Investment has made strategic investments in sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, and real estate, leveraging the country’s strengths and supporting sustainable growth.

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